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February 12, 2011

Symbian’s Death

Nokia has tied up with Microsoft to fight android and apple. Nokia will be saying good bye to their proprietary OS Symbian by replacing it with the windows phone 7 OS .Microsoft has given the liberty to customize everything on their OS but Nokia decided to go with the default. By hearing this news over 1500+  developers of Symbian OS who have spent hundreds of hours is developing the OS have walked out of the office in order to show a non-violent protest against Nokia’s decision. Industry experts are saying that next year life support will be taken off to Symbian.

February 1, 2011

Android The most loved smartphone OS.

Apparently the search engine giant Google is going after everything and is succeeding. In the sales of all the smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2010  Android based phones topped the list.Total number of android based phones shipped are about 32.9 million surpassing the Nokia Symbian OS .The main advantage of android is -it is open source. Because of this the no of apps for the platform are growing enormously and Google still is hiring developers to develop new apps targeting the tablets.iPhone is lagging behind both Symbian and android with 16.7 million.The windows phone has taken a downfall to 3.1 million to previous quarters 3.9 million.

Here are the total stats


What do you think will be the top selling in Q1 of 2011??