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February 1, 2011

Android The most loved smartphone OS.

Apparently the search engine giant Google is going after everything and is succeeding. In the sales of all the smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2010  Android based phones topped the list.Total number of android based phones shipped are about 32.9 million surpassing the Nokia Symbian OS .The main advantage of android is -it is open source. Because of this the no of apps for the platform are growing enormously and Google still is hiring developers to develop new apps targeting the tablets.iPhone is lagging behind both Symbian and android with 16.7 million.The windows phone has taken a downfall to 3.1 million to previous quarters 3.9 million.

Here are the total stats


What do you think will be the top selling in Q1 of 2011??

January 29, 2011

Everybody is making Profit.

The end of 2010 also marked the end of Q4( fourth quarter ) of 2010 and companies started revealing their sales figures for this quarter. Guess what?? everybody are earning profits .
Here are sales figures of some reputed companies:-

  • Microsoft Sold 8 Million Kinect In 2 months of its release
  • Microsoft Q4 up 48% on Windows 7, Office 2010 sales
  • Samsung sold more than 2 million Galaxy Tabs in its first three months on the market
  • 7.3 million iPad Apple sold last quarter.
  • Nvidia reported revenue of million for the fourth quarter
  • Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has returned to a profit of 8 million euros
  • Apple sold 14.1 million iPhones in Q4

Hey don’t ask me…i dont know how much of that data is true.