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February 27, 2011

Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm is the first person shooter developed by People Can Fly and Epic Games Published by EA games.

The best thing you can do is shoot in the balls or to the ass really i had a great time doing that.This game has a lot of foul talk, the vista’s are great and the music is also great. I really think that they could have done something different with the character modelling. The kill with skill is real fun. Lots of ways to kill enemies other than the standard cover and shoot.The campaign is short lived. I cleared the game in normal difficulty without a death that was a downer. As usual the AI is dumb as hell and they really kill nobody. The game could have a co op mode like Resident Evil 5 but the developers missed that. The game has only one boss that gives a real challenge the others are just for the sake of prolonging the game.

Overall it was fun and i’m going to play this again for the leftover skillshots.

February 16, 2011

Ubuntu 11 Alpha 2 Released

Ubuntu 11 is Codenamed  “Natty Naharwal”  and its alpha versions are released to dowload. For this version Canonical’s Unity shell interface is used for GUI(Graphical User Interface) the previous versions had genome. Here are some screen shots and some improvements………….(i took the screen shots from virtual box so smaller dimensions i will fully install it and get 1600*900 screenshots and new updates so hang on)       Download Link Here-go to alpha 2 -any problem just say in comments

January 19, 2011

Mirrors Edge Review

I know this is a old game and many of you did not even heard of this game. This game is developed by DICE and published by EA.

What set this game apart from other multi million copies selling games is the game mechanics this is not a regular First Person Shooter(FPS) . The main aim of this game is running. Seems pretty Yes it is easy once you crack this game but where the fun lies is the no of possibilities how you can reach from point A to point B. The player need not kill hordes of zombies or soldiers to make his way. This non-violent game mechanics attracted me. This game proves that violence is not the only way of making or creating games. This is just my thought…………………

If you have any ideas or comments on this game or my writing feel free to leave a comment.