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February 17, 2011

Nvidia announced “Quad-core” for Tablets

Nvidia has recently announced the tegra 2 processor which is the first dual core processor for tablets. Tablets using tegra 2 are still new on the market. Nvidia took it a step further by announcing the tegra 3 processors which will also become the first quad core processors . Tegra 3 has double the processing capacity and triple the graphic processing than tegra 2 and it is also power efficient.It can run 12 hours of HD video under standard settings.  Nvidia promises it in tablets by august and mobile devices by december.

Nvidia has also shown the processors power live here are the video’s

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January 29, 2011

Everybody is making Profit.

The end of 2010 also marked the end of Q4( fourth quarter ) of 2010 and companies started revealing their sales figures for this quarter. Guess what?? everybody are earning profits .
Here are sales figures of some reputed companies:-

  • Microsoft Sold 8 Million Kinect In 2 months of its release
  • Microsoft Q4 up 48% on Windows 7, Office 2010 sales
  • Samsung sold more than 2 million Galaxy Tabs in its first three months on the market
  • 7.3 million iPad Apple sold last quarter.
  • Nvidia reported revenue of million for the fourth quarter
  • Mobile phone maker Sony Ericsson has returned to a profit of 8 million euros
  • Apple sold 14.1 million iPhones in Q4

Hey don’t ask me…i dont know how much of that data is true.

January 25, 2011

Nvidia Brings Dual core to Mobile Devices.

Nvidia ready to lauch its new Processors Tegra 3D and tegra 3. Both of them supports the built in 3d support for many upcoming devices and the tegra 3 is specifically targeted towards tablets.However The device currently in market(korean) is the Lg Optimus 2X which is powered by nvidia’s Tegra 2 which is the first 1ghz dual core processor in mobile devices. Tegra 2 promises lowest power consumtion and highest processing. The phone supports a full hd video recording and a mobile dolby sound . Full Phone Specifications- Here
Here is a show off of Optimus 2x vs Iphone 4