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January 27, 2011

NGP/PSP-2 Photo Gallery

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January 27, 2011

Sony released its PSP-2 aka “NGP”.

Finally after the heaps of rumors of how the psp-2 is going to be and some fake photos, Sony has launched its NGP (Next Generation Portable) in Tokyo.
It is really next generation it is the first device to have a quad-core processor supports 3g for mobile online gaming on the go.It also supports wi-fi and GPS. It has the dual analog sticks like the play station controller. It has tons of features based on 3g and gps. It also features motion censors and dual camera(front and back). This also has a back touchpad along with the led touch screen.Now I think NGP means Nintendo Got Pwned Bcoz nintendos 3d gaming console launched previously this month is nothing compared to this.