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February 13, 2011

How far will apple go??

Apple company has sent its big lawsits to a normal person . What was his crime??- He made some vegetable cutting boards taking th inspiration of ipad. Apple thought that there were some likeliness issues so the lawsuits ordered the poor man to stop producing them. Interesting fact is that the no of boards sold were “zero”. He just gave some to his friends.Does apple have any self respect…….!!!!! shame on your part apple.

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January 28, 2011

Apple Ipad In india.

20091015_zaf_c99_002.jpgToday apple has launched it extremely popular ipad in india .The company sold 14.8 million ipads over the past year.It costs 27,900 INR for a basic model of 16GB and wifi ,no 3g.The variants range till 64GB with Wi-Fi and 3G costing around 34000 INR. BSNl is already getting ready to launch 3g plans for the ipad and its competitor samsung galaxy tab. It would cost 999 per month and 99 per day for unlimited usage and a mid plan of 599 per month which gives 6GB of space of browsing.

January 27, 2011

Android expanding to tablets.

Android has released the Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb OS SDK for developers which is designed for tablet PC. This release is to ensure that when tablets supporting this os when come into the market have sufficient apps on the platform that works as the developer intended to. As we all know that android is already challenging the iOS and the windows 7 for mobile platform. This release is to compete with the ipad. I am beginning to see the future in opensource.