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February 5, 2011

Internet is Full !!!

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) assigned the last IPv4 addresses to the five regions of the world’s Regional Internet Registries.
This represents a milestone for the beginning of the end of IPv4,
IPv4 networks will continue to run as they have before. In fact, according to Google, a mere 0.2 percent of all Internet users worldwide rely on IPv6 connections as IPv4 addresses are used up this year.
I you are using windows 7 or vista then dont worry but If you run Windows XP, though, it is necessary to make a minor configuration to the operating system by typing “netsh int ipv6 install” in the Windows command prompt to access IPv6 sites.
Ubuntu users may have some troubles but the will get through anyway.
A major test of how well the world’s Internet users are ready for IPv6 will take place on June 8. That’s when Akamai, Facebook, Google, Limelight Networks, and Yahoo will run on IPv6 connections for 24 hours. But despite the millions of users of Windows XP as well as Linux around the world likely won’t configure their operating system for the June 8 test day, Google says they needn’t worry, and it maintains that 99.95 percent of its users will not even notice the switch that day.

February 1, 2011

Android The most loved smartphone OS.

Apparently the search engine giant Google is going after everything and is succeeding. In the sales of all the smartphones in the fourth quarter of 2010  Android based phones topped the list.Total number of android based phones shipped are about 32.9 million surpassing the Nokia Symbian OS .The main advantage of android is -it is open source. Because of this the no of apps for the platform are growing enormously and Google still is hiring developers to develop new apps targeting the tablets.iPhone is lagging behind both Symbian and android with 16.7 million.The windows phone has taken a downfall to 3.1 million to previous quarters 3.9 million.

Here are the total stats


What do you think will be the top selling in Q1 of 2011??