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January 27, 2011

Are Games Better Than life?

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January 27, 2011

Gaming Can change the world.

As per Jane McGongial who is a game developer games make people better. You may be thinking how people who waste valuable time on useless things like games can change the world?.Yes the games do not add a credit to your career but it makes you a good person by teaching you how to make good decisions.

While playing games people think nothing is impossible.They dont give up by one or two defeats they will try until the mission or challenge is completed.The same should be implemented in real life that is the challenge. Here are some stats that blow your mind:-total play time of all the players of world of warcraft is over 50 billion hours and halo 3 players have 10 billion kills in total. I have given only an example of two games you can imagine the rest.
As a famous writer said if a person does any work for 10000 hours he will be a master of it. so if we find a way to convert this game awesomeness to do productive work then the gamers can change the world.
Watch the below video its awesome video after watching this you will be convinced that gamers can change the world.

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January 21, 2011

Gaming A-Z alphabets

A for Atari
B for Bungie
C for Colecovision
D for DICE
E for EA
F for Funcom
G for Gameloft
H for ———–Please help!!!
I for id software
J for again help needed !!!
K for konami
L for Lucas Arts
M for Microsoft Game Studios
N for Nintendo
O – Dont Know
P For PopCap Games
Q – nobody keeps a company name that starts with ‘Q’…hmm….. may be i should start one.
R for Rockstar Games
S for Sega
T for THQ
U for Unreal Engine
V for Valve Corporation
W for Warner Bros Interactive
X for Xbox 360
Y for YOYO Games
Z for Zynga

if you can recall any games which these developers have developed mention them in comments below…….hey you there don’t google it!!!

also one more thing , Help me with the missing letters and your efforts will be rewarded

January 19, 2011

Mirrors Edge Review

I know this is a old game and many of you did not even heard of this game. This game is developed by DICE and published by EA.

What set this game apart from other multi million copies selling games is the game mechanics this is not a regular First Person Shooter(FPS) . The main aim of this game is running. Seems pretty Yes it is easy once you crack this game but where the fun lies is the no of possibilities how you can reach from point A to point B. The player need not kill hordes of zombies or soldiers to make his way. This non-violent game mechanics attracted me. This game proves that violence is not the only way of making or creating games. This is just my thought…………………

If you have any ideas or comments on this game or my writing feel free to leave a comment.