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January 22, 2011

Duke Nukem forever Gameplay Video.

The official Trailer.

This footage is from the jace hall show who interviews game developers

You people should check out the series its pretty good
Season 1
Season 2
season 3
His official blog Jace hall show

January 22, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever after 14 years of exile.

Finally after 14 long years of waiting Duke Nukem Forever has got a release Date. I have been hearing about this game since my childhood. This game is most highly spoken of and many say it is one of the milestone in gaming History. The game is being released on may 3rd on all the three major platforms xbox 360,ps3 and PC. This game has the longest history in gaming history.This project was started by 3D Realms in 1997. This was to be released in 1998 but due to some conflicts and the moving from Quake II engine to Unreal engine and 3D realms dropping the game development the project was stopped. Nine employees developed the game from their homes for the love of the game and thus they formed an independent company Triptych Games which works with Gearbox . Gearbox Helped the developers in finishing it and publishing the product.

huh……..Thats a small part of the history if you want to know more google it……………may be bing it for a change……
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