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March 18, 2011

Facebook Mail is here!!!!!!!!!!!

Facebook has finally launched its mail which has been in the wires for a long time.This is a beta version(i think) so has been released only to some users and each user can invite upto a maximum of 10 friends……….this will be a big blow for gmail and other mail providers.

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March 1, 2011

Facebook in Comic,film & may be games.

We all have seen the movie The social network based on the Story of creation of facebook. The film is being nominated for oscars also. The same story is featured on the comic book platform  by Bluewater Productions.The first issue is released on 25th February it consisted of 48 pages. Now, Hayden 5 Media has bought the copyrights for the story and they are planning to make an animation film on that story. The future is Zuckerber Video game…………hope it will come soon so that i can enjoy it.

What do you think is future of Zuckerberg’s story.

January 29, 2011

Facebook awarded ₨16,526.82 million damages against spammer

A person named Philip Porembski is running a firm called  PP Web Services.He has the passwords of over 116,000 facebook accounts and sent over 7.2 million spam messages. what he basically does is spam people  with links that are similar to the facebook loginsflogin that we see around the internet but he takes our passsword from that login page and spam your friends with the same link.The other thing he does is also spamming but with links of pages who in turn will pay him for the no of clicks they get. Due to this 4500 people have deleted their accounts. About 8000 complaints have been filed.

So beware facebook users(including myself).

January 26, 2011

Do You Have enough Facebook Credits??

As all of us know that nobody is using facebook credits and in order to make the people use this and also as a source of new income, facebook is implementing a new feature. According to this, the farmcash and the citycash which can be brought through zynga should be brought in the form of facebook credits and facebook will take 30% of every purchase!! As if the site is on the verge of closing.This will come into effect from july 1st of this year. For the 30% facebook will give free publicity for those apps who are using facebook credits as currency “Cheap tricks”.
I personally did not like this. what about you?