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August 9, 2010

Cleaning Up The Artist/Track Mess in UR Media Library Using Winamp

I have downloaded many softwares and wasted a lot of time on those softwares that can correct the mistakes in media information but nothing really worked not even 50%.
But after all this frustration i went through i found the most reliable source was with me winamp. Unlike all the other softwares it depends on the tune of the song and gives you the exact  inforamtion even the music file contains no meta data.
Now………How to do this??
Simple just right-click on a song in winamp and select file info(alt+3 shortcut) there u will find a auto tag button click that and all your worries are gone but there is an small price u have to pay you have to manually auto tag all the files in ur library.

Visual Tutorial:-

Ive removed information for the same file

Auto tagging

See how it got the information I even changed the file name